Admit it, you have no idea where to start and will probably spend hours looking at websites like this one. But we’ve done the research for you! So stay right here!



We recommend you only the best. Our recommended security solution is cellular and wireless and can be installed by you (yes you!) in minutes. We advocate simple! Our solution requires no drilling, no connecting phone lines.

Our recommended solution is exactly what you need if you’re like 94% of Americans (or Canadians) and live in a house or an apartment and not a mansion!

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Stellar support

Our customers love our recommended solution’s support team. They’re renowned for customer service. They answer all of your questions before you buy, walk you through installation over the phone (from the time you open the box), activate your system minutes after it is installed and stick around after the sale.

If your needs change, they will help you reassess your home security and bring it up to date.

Living Interactively's recommended security solution »»

Manage from your mobile device

Our recommended solution allows you to use a mobile app from anywhere in the world to arm and disarm your system, lock and unlock doors, view security camera recordings, live video and snapshots.

You can set up custom alerts to see when kids get home, when somebody uses an access code, when motion is detected or an alarm goes off.

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Sleep well –
you are covered

Our recommended solution is good at getting you the protection your home requires. So when they’ve built it – let them come! Seriously, once our recommended solution is done putting together your system, you can sleep well. If the bad guys come, they will regret it!

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30 day Trial

Not sure if sound sleep is for you? No problem! Try our solution's system for 30 days and if you are not happy, you can go back to sleeping with a baseball bat.

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2 year warranty

Our solution offers 2 year warranty on all components. If you are of the klutzy type, this should make you happy. If you break something or it breaks on its own, just contact their support team and they’ll be happy to replace the equipment.

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CSAA Certified

The experts at our recommended solution's CSAA certified, state-of-the-art monitoring center are trained to respond to all possible emergency situations and are ready to dispatch help at any time.

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I don't have a Security System

Looking for a home security system can be an overwhelming process. Is putting it off making you feel vulnerable? (It should!)

Get in touch with our recommended solution and find out exactly what you need to get protected. Don’t worry, we’ll explain everything!

I currently have a Security System

Is your current security system getting old? Is it enough to protect your family and home? Wondering if it is doing the job?

You can keep wondering, or get in touch with our recommended security solution and find out in 5 minutes!